The Importance of Self-Care

     One focus of my health coaching practice is self-care.  It is so important for us to find ways of nurturing ourselves so we feel more grounded and centered, or else we have difficulty operating as our best self. This is especially true during times of heightened stress. For me, life ended up being more stressful than usual during the past month, with hubby going through not one, but two relatively common, but new to us, cardiac procedures (one was a overnighter, the other out patient).  Knowing I would be spending the bulk of an entire day at the Brigham with hubby having his procedure, I made sure to pack a couple of bags for myself the evening before. Not knowing what the schedule would be, I packed an insulated bag with high protein, healthy snacks: almonds, hard-boiled eggs, an apple, a clementine, a couple of dark chocolate squares and a thermos of water. I packed my briefcase with my laptop and made sure I had pictures downloaded so I could do some digital scrapbooking during my waiting time (a favorite, portable pastime of mine)! I also brought a couple of magazines and my charged up cell-phone.  Taking the time out to make sure I took care of ‘me’ made it easier for me to take care of hubby and get through the day. It didn’t take long to pack for myself, but so often, we neglect our own self-care when caring for others! Did it take away all the stress? Of course not!  But I DID feel more grounded and able to cope better as we navigated Boston traffic, the craziness of the health care system, and the general stress surrounding any hospital procedure!

     So following up on that self care theme, I’ve been working on the development of a new curriculum for my next workshop, to be held on Thursday, June 30th.  Its working title is: “Self-Made Self-Care for Medium Aged Women” and the focus will be on creating DYI, yummy scented treats to help you in your self-care efforts.  I’ll be posting more information and the class fee in my June newsletter, but if you are interested, shoot me an email and I’ll put your name on the student list so you'll be sure get first dibs at a seat! Mention this email when you register and I’ll make sure you receive a small gift at the workshop as a ‘thanks’ from me!

     Want more information about A Better Balance Health and Wellness?  Visit my website, and ‘like’ my Facebook page. I hope to build my business with clients referred to me by my friends, so I welcome you to share my information with those who could benefit!  Take care!


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