A Warm Welcome!

It’s been a while since my last personal post…almost a year to tell the truth…thanks for being patient!

In considering what to write, the advice I’ve received was to ‘tell my story.’ So I’m going to tell you about my struggles to launch my health coaching business. Because it illustrates the ‘moral’ of my story, which is: Ask For Help! Plus, you get a little ‘behind the scenes’ look at what I’ve been doing.

This idea of being a health coach sprung from my wanting to have ‘the next thing’ in place as dear daughter went off to college. I did the yearlong training through IIN and then…it was business-building time! Business name, logo, business cards, website building, Facebook presence; little by little everything seemed to be coming together.

And then summer happened. And I slowed down. The brochure wasn’t coming out right. The website technology kept frustrating me (did I mention that I’m not any kind of technology wiz)? I worked on developing a couple of workshops but really didn’t have the tools in place to market them. I was working in a vacuum and starting to spin my wheels. The website needed a personal touch, my Facebook page wasn’t getting any visibility and I really needed an email service to grow my business. ARRRRGH! I was overwhelmed.

When the snow started flying and ’16 turned into ’17, it was time for me to stop trying to do everything on my own. It was time to ask for some help. I hired a great media savvy business coach to help me clarify my goals and create an action plan based on her expertise. And surprise! I started moving forward again.

So I had to ask: “Why is it so hard to ask for help?” For many, the perfectionist in us creates the belief that we should be able to do everything on our own…and do it perfectly. We set unrealistic expectations and set ourselves up to fail. And then we give up. It can also be that way when we try to take steps to improve our health and wellness. It all seems so overwhelming: we get bombarded with so many different viewpoints we don’t know where to start. Then, we often make a drastic change, all at once with little preparation and find it is too difficult to maintain. We don’t have support; we get frustrated and quit.

This is where a health coach can help. Together, we clarify your individual lifestyle goals, unique to you and your situation. We work on an action plan that breaks down each goal into manageable steps. And I hold you accountable for working on those steps between our sessions, support you when you hit a roadblock, and celebrate each success you achieve. I’m on your side!

Some small steps you can take now:

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Until next time, take good care!


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