Self-Care with Essential Oils: My story

     Self-care is one important aspect of our health and wellness. Each of us should identify those things that bring us peace and joy and bring them into our lives on a regular basis. My own self-care has often involved the sense of smell. For example, I won’t purchase a skin care product that doesn’t smell really, really good (and now it has to be cruelty free and as non-toxic as I can find). I’ve always enjoyed using perfume (and yes, I know perfume can have toxic elements in it…but I don’t use it every day and the boost I get from it is worth the risk) and have favorite scents for the different seasons and circumstances (the scent RED gives me such a warm feeling that I wore it yesterday as we had yet another grey day in New England). And let’s not get into scented candles…!

     Imagine my delight when in the early ‘90s, I ‘discovered’ the world of aromatherapy and essential oils! As part of a year long, direct entry midwifery program in which I was enrolled, we discussed alternative therapies used in caring for pregnant and birthing women. One of those therapies was the use of essential oils. Soon after, I purchased one of THE important resource texts for this therapy: “The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy,” by Valerie Ann Worwood, still in print today. The idea of mixing potions appealed to the scientist in me (I was also teaching high school biology at the time), and I loved the idea of using these wonderfully smelling oils in healing and self-care.
    So I started making my potions for family members, putting them in little dropper bottles and adhering homemade labels I rubber stamped (my hobby passion of that time). I recall making one for my dad for his gouty foot and one for my mom for her arthritic joints.
    Fast-forward 25 years (gosh) and as part of my health coach training at IIN, we learn about essential oils and aromatherapy. A new generation has ‘discovered’ essential oils and the Pinterest boards are filled with recipes from various direct sale companies who have jumped on this bandwagon. How wonderful to see so much mainstream interest in these natural, plant based oils! Back when I first became interested, it was difficult to find oils sold anywhere. Now, you can purchase them online, from direct distributors, and even find them at Target and CVS (but you do have to be savvy about getting true essential oils…there are many ‘fragrances’ out there being marketed as essential oils).
     Making you own essential oil blends and using them for aromatherapy isn’t difficult. Besides using them for yourself and family, they make wonderful gifts! If you’d like to learn more and actually make a few blends yourself, I’m running my ‘Self-Care with Essential Oils’ workshop on Thursday evening, June 22nd, from 7 – 10p, here in my home workshop. You will receive information about how aromatherapy works, what to look for when purchasing essential oils. Then, you’ll create four different blends to take home with you. Interested? Register HERE and get ready for an enjoyable evening of delicious smells and self-care!

 p.s. Please note that I am not a distributor for any particular essential oil company.


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